-Book online or through apps. Less expensive via the phone or in person as there is no service charge

palm -Using your smartphone to its best ability: smart phones also work as your GPS so no need to double pack, saving the suitcase weight and room. There is a free android translator app. Therefore no need for dictionaries or phrase books and again you save on suitcase weight. However be sure you have all data roaming turned off on all mobiles and appliances travelling with you to avoid a major surprise when you come home.

-Set up price alerts on your browser. You can conduct your own market research that’s time efficient. You then also get an idea of how much the average cost of your ideal destination is.

-Book early/late: May and September are just off peak times and holiday destinations are beginning to warm up

-Book out of season: if you have the capability or work holidays allow, booking completely out of season give you the chance to see the real character of a holiday destination but then the weather becomes a major factor.

-Fly Wednesday : Flying midweek has always proven to be most cost effective

-Booking through an agent can be beneficial as if anything goes wrong you are usually covered and it saves you so much internet scrolling and comparing

-Ethnic travel agents: niche travel agents linked closely with a specific part of the world can offer insider tips and a very authentic trip

-European Health Insurance Card: very beneficial if you have any unfortunate accidents abroad

-Booking a car: fill up the tank when returning to avoid major fees, inquire about children’s’ booster seats/car seats as car companies usually have them free of charge

holiday-Liquids are band when travelling; not food. Don’t pay exuberant prices in the airport or on the airplane

-Check out the cheapest way to get to and from all airports you will encounter. There is usually a local bus or train. Although not usually time effective these methods are definitely cost effective.