With a New Year just around the corner many people may find themselves choosing a resolution to try and improve their financial habits. Here at AJ Debt Solutions we know it does not matter what time of the year you begin but our steps remain the same and may help those of you starting now for the New Year.

Create and maintain a plan or budget – whether it is weekly, monthly or annual a plan is important. No one has a better knowledge of your finances than you so be honest with yourself when budgeting

Diversifying investments– less risk involved with one investment but be sure to be well educated in your area of investment regardless of the foreseen risk

Minimize costs –  simple exercises such as switching brands or being aware of impulsive shopping habits  may only save a small percentage but this habit is vital for financial stability

Save -no matter how little you can put away it is a good habit to keep

Choose one area at a time to improve and don’t overwhelm yourself. Most people think of New Year, new diet, new you. Why not go on a debt diet? Your financial health can be upset by your debt. Especially now with the temptation of holiday season sales and socializing it is a good time to get ahead. You could start by making a list of all your debts, from the small to the big. This will help bring things into perspective.

As always if your finances are beyond your reach call us and be put in contact with one of our professionals and be one step closer to becoming debt free this New Year.